Dashboard - How does the large results widget work?


You've been using the Listings tool for a while* and now you want to see some results. In order to check your results, you'll first need to make sure to have your Google (GMB) and/or Facebook account connected. If you haven't done this already, please check the manual here: 

How to connect your Google My Business account with Listings

Connect your Facebook Business account with Listings

Results Widget

The widget itself consists out of the following sub categories:

  1. Google Customer views
  2. Google Customer actions
  3. Google Photo views
  4. Facebook Stats 
  5. Yelp Stats (depending on license and geography)

The standard shown date range is set at 30 days, you can simply change the date range to your liking by clicking on the date. 


Percentage increase / decrease in selected period

As you can see in the results widget, there is either a green % increase (positive) or red % decrease (negative) shown for each element. The % increase/decrease looks at the selected period and compares it to the same previous period. 

For example: Let's say you select 30 days, then the % increase/decrease is being compared with the previous 30 days.


*For optimal visible results we recommend having used Listings for at least three months. 

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