At this point, we have already sent the welcome email to all your customers and the adventure has begun. Now, how can you get more interaction from your customers? How can you encourage them to engage with the platform?

Beyond proactivity from your sales team; we have made available for you the following chain of emails that are sent periodically and drives customer interaction.

How can I do that?

1.- Within your dashboard, you can go to "My locations"

2.- Select the location to whom you want to send this sequence of emails.

3.- Once inside, click on "Churn prevention"

4.- if you scroll down the page, all the way to the bottom, you can see the trigger button to activate this sequence, and voilà!  


What will my customers see?

Here you can see just what such emails look like and how often it is sent. 

DAY 0 - First email



DAY 5 - Second email (educational)




DAY 10 - Third email (activation)



After completing this sequence, there is no further communication from us. We hope this will help you achieve your goals.

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