Fix - Compression disabled


What does this mean?

The smaller the files needed to load a web page, the faster the complete page can be loaded. 

Compressing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, therefore, helps to improve your page speed. The compression of such files is possible by shortening code, for example by removing comments, line breaks, unnecessary characters, and spaces. In addition, file sizes can be compressed for transfer on the server-side using GZIP (a file format and a software application used for file compression and decompression). Compression such as 'GZIP' is either not enabled or configured for your site. 


What to do?

You need to change this. However, as this task may be challenging or restricted on your CMS, we suggest you send this task to your developers.


You can use the tool below, to check if gzip compression is enabled for your website:


For more information, see this article:

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