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Good news! Now, our Listings section has included a new feature that will greatly improve your online visibility! 


Location Marketing can be a tricky business. The difficulty is that platforms differ in the kinds of information they contain. All will contain the basic elements such as address and contact details, but not all will offer to contain opening times, for example, or host images. As such, it’s easy to overlook certain information fields and reduce the effectiveness of your locations in Local Search.

That being said; this is all a thing of the past; This feature called Suggestions will help you complete your information faster by scanning the Internet for relevant information about your business/location. 

You of course have the option of filling it out or leaving it as it is. As normal, you can upload your own data too. What’s more, these suggestions are information 100% valid and vetted. This means, if the system suggests a particular website for one of your locations, this website will be relevant, effective, and available for that particular location.

Once in your Listings profile, you will notice that this new section is located next to the results tab.



How it works: 

  1. The system gives you suggestions
  2. You select the ones you agree with
  3. You click on save
  4. The system will make the changes
  5. And you are done; improving your online visibility is on its way!

In the example below, the system has found two images that can be useful for this business.

If you agree with this suggestion, just click on it; it will move to the preview section and select: "save settings" at the bottom of the page.



The system will find you all possible suggestions; within all the sections that Listings handles


This scanning is done constantly, so the suggestions will be kept up to date. We recommend you to be aware and use them; so you can get the most out of our solution and be one of the first results in the search directories.

We wish you a lot of success if you still have any doubts do not hesitate to contact our support team.



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