How to add a new customer and products for Website optmizer

Adding a new customer/ account, a product (and a location if needed) or all of the previous has never been easier! Simply log into your Partner dashboard and follow the steps below: 

Step 1:
 In your Partner dashboard navigate to the Partner Tools section and select "Accounts".Screenshot_2021-06-08_at_10.11.55.png


Step 2: In the top right corner, click on "Add new account" to start adding your new customer/ account.

* If you wish to add a product to an existing account, just look for the account in your Partner dashboard and then start at Step 4 in this article.



Step 3: In the Account creation overview you start by looking for the customer you'd like to add and select it once you've found it as shown in the example below. As you can see it will autocomplete the account details for you as it pulls this from Google thus saving you time on manually entering this information. 


* If you're adding a customer that is already in the system, we'll prompt you with a message. Please try to avoid adding duplicates and select the proposed account. If you're absolutely sure it's not a duplicate, you can proceed with the new account.



Step 4: You now arrive at the account you've just created. As you can see on the right-hand side, you have all available products to you (all products you are actively selling are visible) to add to this account. Simply select one to add the product as I have done in the example below (if you wish to add multiple you may start with one and activate the next one after the first one)




Step 5: Here you only have to add the web page in matter




Step 6: Confirm the details. 

Note: You also have the opportunity to select the option to send a welcome email to the main user of this account.




Step 7: And that's it; there you have it. You can now go to the Live product you just activated.




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