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Welcome to your new Overview page! We've made it better and more intuitive for you. What does this mean?


When you log into your dashboard account the first page you'll see is the Overview page as pictured below. All top 5 of your locations and its products will be shown first and will be given priority. This is based on whether a location is fully onboarded or not. An option to "See all locations" if you indeed have more than 5 locations can be accessed in the top right corner. It's really easy this way to get more insight into your locations and your products. 


* In the Overview page you will only be shown data in the widget corresponding with the tools you have a license for. For example if you only have the Reviews tool you will only see the Reviews widget as is shown in the example above for The Seafood Bar - Van Baerlestraat location. 


What exactly does it show?

  • Reviews will show you the satisfaction score and the amount of new reviews from the last 30 days.
  • Listings will show you the Google views and Google actions from the last 30 days.
  • Wifi Marketing will show you if the router is online or offline. If you have more than one router and extenders then "online" will only be shown if all routers are online. 
  • Website Optimizer will show you the current Overall Score and the SEO Score

It is now easier than ever to see which products you have access to and to easily go to your products based on location. In the example below you simply click on the arrow next to the product you wish to go to and it will take you there right away! 




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