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The first page you'll see when you open Review Manager is the Overview page

Here you'll see the Satisfaction score right in the centre and to the left the Topics. The satisfaction score is a combination of the ratings your visitors have given you and rating our algorithm has given those same reviews based on the highlighted (key)words and topics.

The Topics section is a great way to see what's going well and what might not be going so well based on the ratings. Clicking on any of the Topics will take you to all reviews containing that topic.

You will also see the number a Reviews Received in the selected time period as well as the Tripadvisor Ranking of your venue. 

Overall Platform Rating is a widget that shows a rating that is a combination of all the scores the location has on all platforms.

The Most Appreciated widget shows what's been most appreciated and used most often in positive reviews. 

And lastly the Reviews requiring your attention. These are unanswered reviews that you haven't yet replied to and have at least one point of negativity


Scrolling further down you see a Keywords section where all reviews containing those reviews can be seen having been given a positive or negative rating. 



The Platform Overview shows you which platforms you have connected in the Settings part of Review Manager. The reviews of those platforms are now manageable in the Reviews & Posts section.


The Satisfaction graphs show you how keywords/ topics have been performing over time. 


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