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With Reviews we do everything to make managing your reviews as easy as possible. That's why we developed a Review reply extension that lets you answer your reviews within the dashboard.

Installing the Review reply extension 

To make use of the direct reply function, you must install the Review extension. Please note that this extension is only available for Google's "Chrome" browser. Have a look at this article from Google for instructions for downloading Chrome. If you have Chrome already proceed with the following steps. 

  1. Download the Review Extension here. 
  2. Click "Add to Chrome"
  3. You're all set! 



Reply from inside the dashboard  

  1. Navigate to the dashboard
  2. Go to the Reviews tab, and select your reviews and posts. 
  3. When selecting "Reply to Review" from a platform for the first time, you are prompted to log in to that platform via a popup window. You only need to do this once.  
  4. Fill out your credentials and reply. You're all set! 



Your reply will be posted directly onto the review site. 


Supported platforms for Review Reply functionality

We are continuously working on improving the experience and are looking for ways to add more platforms that make it easy for you to respond directly from one overview. Currently we support the following platforms for direct reply:

  1. Google
  2. TripAdvisor
  4. Expedia
  6. Ebookers


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