Info - How to Improve Your Rating with Review Requests


Did you know that as much as 69% of consumers don't trust online reviews older than 3 months? Recency of feedback is crucial. As a consequence, you'll need to get as many reviews as you can.

Search engines and review sites reward a higher number of reviews, too. Google collects and scores your reviews in order to determine your position in search results: more reviews, better ranking.

TripAdvisor often ranks a 4-star location with loads of reviews higher than a 5-star location with fewer reviews.

This means that you always need to encourage your guests to leave new reviews about your venue. How? Review Request emails help increase the number of positive reviews your business receives per month by up to 40-70%.  

How do Review Request emails work? 

Review Request is an email that is sent to your visitors a day after they have visited your location. They are then asked to choose between 2 positive smileys or 2 less than positive ones (see example image below). A guest that clicks on one of the two (green) positive ones is redirected to a review site of your choice. The guests that click on one of the 2 (red) negative ones can be sent to a private survey directly, not to the review site of your choice, so you can learn from it and handle the complaint discreetly. In this private survey they can let you know what they didn't like as much as apposed to what they did. If they leave their personal information you can talk to them one-on-one. 


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