Dashboard - How to interpret the "How customers search for your business" widget


In order to check "How customers search for your business", you'll first need to make sure to have your Google (GMB) account connected. If you haven't done this already, please check the manual here: How to connect your Google My Business account with Listings

For Listings it's only possible to check How customers search for your business via Google (GMB), please keep that in mind.


How customers search for your business

The chart consists out of three categories:

1. Direct

The number of times the listing was shown when searching for the location by typing your business i.e. Company name, address, contact information. Make sure your information is correct and up to date.

Nothing more to it, however the next two categories will make your business stand out to be found better online!

2. Discovery

Anything that is not directly linked to your individual location, this is what we call indirect searches. This is where Listings comes in handy, we build your profile with all kinds of keywords, categories, products and services that you offer or describe your business. Think of the following, Breakfast near me, car dealer ship, cafe, health clinic, restaurant with terrace, cocktailbar et cetera.

For many businesses the Discovery (indirect searches) are generating the most traffic (usually between 50 and 75% of all traffic). Therefore, make sure you profile is complete as possible. Please check this section in order to fill your profile: Location settings section

3. Branded

These are specific brand names potential customers search on and your business is being shown a a potential hit. This is where Listings comes in handy, we build your profile with all kinds of brands that you offer at your location. For example, let's say you're a retail clothing store and you offer the following brands: Hugo Boss, Armani, Diesel and Replay. If a potential customer searches for example on Diesel, in the area of Amsterdam. A business that added these brands and is located in Amsterdam will pop-up and chances are likely that the Potential customer will visit you location.

Add brands for your business if you haven't done so already: Services & Brands

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