Dashboard - What is the difference between Views on Google Search and Total searches?

Inside your Listing's Results tab you will find a value for the Views on Google Search, represented as a graph in the widget at the top of the screen:


In the second widget (How customers search for your business) you will find a value for Total searches:


But how are they different?

Well, let's find out!


Views on Google Search

They are the total amount of times that your website (or pages within your website) was viewed in Google Search. Every time a person will perform a keyword search resulting in your business appearing on top of the screen, it will count as an additional view.

Total searches

They refer to the total amount of times your business has ended up in the Google Map Pack, based on keywords used in the search. A Google Map Pack is a list of three businesses that best match the search criteria (including the user's position if it's shared) and always appears on top of a Google Search (right below the ads).

Google map pack results

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