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Upgrading your Listings plan you will gain access to Reviews Inbox, a new feature that will allow you to view and manage reviews submitted to your business through Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and many other channels (find attached a list of channels and countries that are supported for each).

*You must have Google and Facebook business pages connected to use Reviews Inbox to access their respective reviews* 

You will find it as an extra tab on your location's Listings page, just like in the picture below:


There you will find all the reviews, sorted between:

  • All
  • Unread
  • Read
  • Replied


In order, the information displayed consists in:

  • Checkboxes for multiple selection
  • Name and/or Surname / Username of the people who posted the reviews
  • Label
  • One-line preview of the review
  • Out-of-5 star rating of the review
  • Channel where the review has been posted
  • Date when the review has been posted
  • Link to the original review/channel



By default, unread reviews will be displayed in a bold font, like in the picture below:


Already read reviews instead, will be displayed in a regular font, like in the picture below:





Reviews will be labelled automatically for a better visualisation. The different labels are the following:

  • Replied

These are reviews that have been already replied to.

  • Question

Some businesses allow customers to post questions directly on their Google Page. Reviews Inbox will treat them like reviews (with no rating), and give you the possibility to reply directly from the platform.


Rating only

Google allows customers to give an out-of-5 star rating without elaborating any review.

Reviews Inbox will treat them like reviews (with no text).


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