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Once you have completed your Listings information near 100%, so you have added all your nice pictures and company description for example - then it's time to connect to Google! 

You will get the most out of your Listings product, by connecting and syncing your details with Google to increase your SEO and visibility with one of the biggest search engines online, next to the other already linked platforms.

After connecting and verifying your Google Business Profile, it will be easy to keep your business information online up to date, anytime, with Listings.


1. Connect Listings with Google 

Start connecting your Listing to Google by clicking the blue "Connect" button in the edits pop-up from your dashboard: 

Or navigate to the Channels tab and look for Google Search engine and click on the blue connect text. 


2. Connect Google Business Profile 

After click the connect button - The Google pop-up window opens up!

If you wish to connect a Google Business Profile location managed by someone else by sending them the link, by clicking the blue here in the pop-up.

In all other cases, click "Start". 


3. Sign into Google 

log into the Google account you are managing your Google Business Profile on already or wish to manage the location(s) with. 

no account yet? go to "create Account" and follow the steps to create a Google account and login


4. Allow access to Local Listings Connector

A window will open in which you are asked to grant the Local Listing Connector access to the Google account.

Click “Allow”.

If you have previously allowed access, this step will be skipped.


5. Different scenario's 

Maybe your business location was already presented on Google, or maybe not yet! Based on the following 4 scenario's, you'll be able to link Listings with Google, and establish a verified Google Business Profile using the steps for the scenario that's applicable to you:  

  1. Your business location isn't on Google yet 
  2. Your business location is on Google and not yet claimed and verified
  3. Your location is on Google and managed by you 
  4. Your location is on Google and managed by someone else: 
    1.  Request access to the location or
    2. Inform the manager to connect and verify 


5.1. Your Business location isn't on Google yet

If your business location is not yet on Google, this means you will now create and verify a new Google Business Profile! Just click on the blue "Create and connect" button in the pop-up. Your location will be added to Google and next stop - go to part 6 of this article to verify your location. 



5.2. Your business location is on Google and not yet claimed and verified

To connect an unverified listing that is managed by you, click on "Confirm" next to the location name of your business - go to part 6 of this article to verify your location. 


5.3. Your location is on Google and managed by you

If you manage multiple locations already and have them organized in Business Groups, you can now select a group to add your location. 

You will be able to see the location and click on the "Confirm" button next to it.

if you use groups and you don't want to add this location to a specific group, choose 'manage this location in your ungrouped locations'  - You will be able to find the location back in your Ungrouped section in your Google Profile Manager dashboard. 


5.4.1. Your location is on Google and managed by someone else - Request access

If you wish to connect a location that is managed by a third party, you can also request access to this location directly in the Connect Flow!

You will be prompted that your location is already present and verified! Click on the blue here


Next you will be prompted with the Google Request Access Form


Fill the form accordingly and click 'Submit'. We suggest you request 'Ownership' access to your listing.

Once you request is sent, the current owner will have the possibility to accept, ignore or deny your request.

If the owner denies or ignores our request, Google will give you the option to manually verify the location and gain access. This option might take up to 3 days to be provided. 

Once you are given the possibility to verify the location, the location will be automatically moved to the status 'Verification required'


5.4.2. Your location is on Google and managed by someone else - Inform the manager to connect and verify

If the Google Business Profile Profile is owned or administered by someone else and they do not have access to the Listings dashboard, you are able to send them the link that will guide them through the connection. 


They can then sign in to the respective Google account and confirm and grant access to Local Listings Connector to successfully update the profile.

As soon as the owner/administrator has approved the account connection the process is completed.

In case the Google Business Profile is not verified yet, they can also start the verification process by following the process of part 6


6. Verify your Google Business Location

Click on "Verify this location" in the Connect Flow - You can request the verification code directly!

You will be prompted with the verification methods available for your location. Phone and/or email verification is not always available. This depends on Google. 

  • If you choose the phone option, you will immediately receive the verification code on the provided phone number. 
  • If you choose email, your code will land in the your email inbox for the email linked to the Google account. 
  • If you choose the option postcard by mail a postcard with the verification code will be sent to the relevant business address. The postcard should arrive within 10 days.

Verification codes are valid for 30 days.



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