Dashboard - Complete your Listings before syncing to Google (GMB) and Facebook


Make sure to have your Listings information completed before Connecting to GMB and syncing your data across all platforms.

Whenever you have setup your Listings account and have not connected Google My Business (GMB). Then the GMB account is not linked in any way and any changes made on the Listings account are not reflected back to GMB even if changes are made.


Can I use Listings and not connect my GMB?

In theory, you could have the Listings service without ever linking your GMB account if you chose to do so. This just means that all other supported channels in Listings will be synced with the data you've entered in Listings except Google/ GMB. 

If you then decide to link the GMB to Listings, any changes made to the fields would overwrite those that are present in GMB. We recommend that you make sure all of the information fields are completed within Listings before connecting with the GMB account. 

Make sure to Connect your GMB account then hit the sync button to sync your data across all online platforms. Turn on auto-sync to save on time syncing new data in the future. 

Step 1: Connect GMB


Step 2: Sync your information


There should never be a case of duplication (having more than 1 GMB account) as we ask you to verify the GMB account you're linking and the only time that we would create a public GMB account is if no previous GMB account for your location exists. Also Listings finds the correct GMB account that matches your Listings location profile. 

Photos are the only field that is exempt from this in that any additional images are added to their GMB account instead of overwriting any previous uploads.

We have written an article about connecting your GMB account, you can find it here: How to connect your Google My Business account with Listings

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