Facebook - Can't find a manageable Facebook page to connect to? Here's the answer.


So you have been trying to connect your listing with Facebook, but somehow the pop-up dialogue can't find the Business Page that's connected to your account. 

Why can't I find a manageable Facebook page when trying to connect it to Listings? 


This has to do with your Facebook Permission (request) settings. To solve this, please follow the steps described below:


1. Go to Business Integrations on your Facebook page, click here for the Facebook article to locate the settings.

2. Click on Local Listing Connector View and edit.

3. On Manage Your Pages, please make sure to select all of the locations. All of them need to be selected, even though there might be some locations that are not managed via Listings.

This is important. Otherwise, Facebook won't allow the connection. Also, it won't affect any locations that aren't managed via Listings as this must be connected via the initial permission screen.


4. Click Save.

5. Re-try to connect to Listings



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