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You've just activated Listings and now you want to know what all the status types mean? This article discribes exactly that!  

Location status

It may be the case that you manage more than one location, if that is the case, every time you access your Listings account you will see all the ones under your management. In this particular case, there are two status types, one pending and the other completed, as shown in the photo below. 

Screenshot_2021-07-26_at_17.50.07.png Screenshot_2021-07-26_at_17.34.48.png


What does this mean?

Pending: Something is missing in this account, it may be that not all channels have verified the information, or not all fields are filled in. This account requires your attention.

Completed: Here, the information is complete, and all channels have been submitted and verified.

Sync Status

Once you have filled out your entire Listings profile and connected with Google and Facebook, comes one of the most important questions. What is the status of my business synchronization? 

If you want to know where to see this information, you can do the following: 

1. Go to your Listings profile
2. Channel section
3. Status

Here we explain how to interpret the status types:


Sync Status Meaning


Listing in sync

This means that all details are in sync and the profile information saved in the platform has been published on the directory and the listing is up-to-date. Location data is synced, checked regularly, and updated if necessary.



This means that all details saved in our platform have been submitted to the directory/source. However, it is not possible to confirm in real-time which details are published on the live Listing. This applies e.g. to in-car navigation systems, that only show updates after a software update.
e.g. when a listing has been created, but the verification is outstanding (Google), or with Bing when the location details are still being quality-checked.


Listing cannot be updated /

Claimed by others

The profile cannot be created or updated because there already is an existing listing that is claimed by a third party. Your action is required to release the listing.


Listing needs to be connected

e.g. with Google or Facebook when the accounts are not yet connected. Might also happen when the opening hours or category are missing, and the listing cannot be created due to missing information in mandatory fields.


Listing status:

This section refers to the upper right-hand side of your Listings account. 


In this section several states may appear, as follows: 

Active Listings will be synced and renewed.
Inactive Listings will not be synced anymore.
Needs Review Our support team needs to review the location data.
Canceled: Listings will be synced, will not be renewed.
Closed the location has shut down, we'll remove listings from the internet.
Last Save date Last date edits to the Listings profile were made and saved.
Last Sync date

Last date the listing was synchronized to all channels.


Google Listing status:
One of the most important steps in Listings is to synchronize with your Google Business account. Once you have taken this action, several status types may appear.


Take a look at what it means: 


Listing Status
Action required from the user
Sync not started yet Connect to GMB
Account connected - no listing found  Create a Listing in the connected GMB account
Listing not verified  Start verification with suggested methods
Listing initiated verification Finish verification by providing the verification code
Listing is verified Nothing to do - we start managing the listing
Listing is found on GMB but not in the connected account Request Admin Right with the URL provided in the response of getting API/locations/ID or Connect with another GMB account

Facebook Listing status:

Another important step in Listings is to synchronize with your Facebook account. Once you have taken this action, several status types may appear.


Take a look at what it means: 

Listing Status
Action required from the user
Sync not started yet  Connect to FB
Account connected - no listing found  Create a listing in the connected FB account
Claim an unclaimed page in FB that will then be found by us within the connected account
Listing found Start verification with suggested methods


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