Dashboard - Supported Channels


The following channels are supported with Listings:

Key channels - Main channels which are crucial for your business to be present on. 

Sub-channels - Other channels where key platforms distribute data to.

Local heroes - Channels that are offered in local geographies and help spread your information across the internet and contribute to a better Local SEO score.


The list of available channels depends on the subscription plan:

Listings Essentials - These are the channels included in the Listings basic plan.

Listings Pro - Most extensive plan that includes channels in Essentials plus all others that are supported.

Add-ons - Channels that are not included in Essentials, nor Pro, which come with an added cost.




Yelp is only available in North America (USA and Canada).



* Channels that have no online directories and are missing a direct link from the dashboard.
** TripAdvisor can only be used if your Listing's primary category is a "restaurant" type.
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