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The Yelp app provides pretty reliable information about businesses from user-generated content. The type of information it displays in a short digest is ideal for mobile users looking for quick answers, recommendations, and directions.

90+ million people visit Yelp each month to find restaurants, home services, and more. Help people get to know you;  Having a strong presence on Yelp helps you establish trust with potential customers. 

Listings can sync your information to Yelp, unlike with Google and Facebook you don't need to connect your account. We will link the listing to an existing page for you. 

Listings can even update your Yelp page whenever someone else has control over your Yelp location page. However, we're very strict in doing so, meaning that we have the right to reject information. Also, since the information will be checked manually, it may take up to 8 weeks for the information to be changed.

Can you also create a Yelp page when it does not exist? 

Yes, we can! First, we'll check if there's not already a business page visible on Yelp. If this is not the case, we'll create the page for you. All you have to do next is go to your Yelp page and claim it. 

How can I claim my Yelp account? 

Here's a guide on how to claim your Yelp account

*Disclaimer: Yelp is an add-on channel and not offered by every Listings provider. Yelp is only available in North America (USA and Canada). 

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