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It's important to write a description of your business/location. This gives more substance to a local search result, it makes sure the location is been found better and adds to the overall online search experience.

First, describe your business in max 10 keywords. These keywords help to increase your findability when related queries are being entered. You can fill in the keywords one by one or you can copy and paste them from a comma-separated list to speed up the process. Especially useful when you have multiple locations. 

Platforms either accept a short or long description. The short description is limited to a maximum of 200 characters. The long description is limited to 1000 characters. Please take the time to write a compelling description.

What is your best approach? 

Try doing this backward, start with your long description, then create the short description out of the long description, and ultimately bring the short description back to 10 words.

Important note 

With Google, there's an exception. Google will take a long description that has less than 750 characters into consideration first. If the long description has more than 750 characters, then Google will display the short description. As an example, if the long description has 743 characters, then the long description will be displayed on the public GMB page.

More than 750 characters Short description will be shown
Less than 750 characters Long description will be shown



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