Additional Information - Attributes

As is well known, not all people looking for locations like yours know that you exist. Given that; attributes are very important for indirect search, i.e. when users are not looking for your name but your products or services.  

Attributes let customers see what your business has to offer, such as whether a restaurant offers Wi-Fi or outdoor seating, or if your business is women-led. Adding relevant, accurate attributes to your Business Profile helps you stand out to your customers that find your business on Google.

How can I do that? 
1.- Go to your Listing's home page

2.- On the right-hand side, in the section below, you will find "Attributes"

3.- Click on edit 

4.- Select the relevant Attributes and input the rest of the data.


You can add as many Attributes that are available for your selected primary category. You can edit your primary category under the Company details.

Note: Attributes are different for each set of primary categories. Once you change the primary category, your attributes will be reset. 

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