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It is a fact that we live in the digital era, the amount of information that is shared in a matter of seconds is unattainable; as well as the large number of platforms that our end users are using. So if you are on more than one platform, it is important that customers know it.

Listings try to upload the social channels to the various directories. Putting your brand out there! Yet, you can add, change or remove your social accounts at your convenience. 

How can I do that? 
1.- Go to your Listings Page 

2.- at the bottom right you will find the section "Social account"

3.- Click on edit 

4.- Please make sure to start your URL with: https://

5.- Save it 



What else should I know? 

Each directory has its own set of variables, which can be uploaded. Some directories might not support social channels. Listing uploads as much data as possible to each channel, but it can be the case social channels are simply not supported by the channel, and therefore not shown.

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